Come to the Crib

by Dillon (US)



Yo...just in case ya'll don't know about Nastradillon and the Apocalypse..Well anyway ladies your best bet is to 'Come to the Crib'


released December 21, 2012
Dillon on the beats, rhymes, cuts, engineering, mixing & champagne.

Created & Executed at the Godd Cottage in Kirkwood, ATL, USA.

Chad Hess on the Photography.

Kenski on the 'Dillon' Logo for NUFSED.


FAM - if you read this far down and can tell me anything at ALL about 'Dobey Gillis' then email me at'' and I will send you a fly personal gift of my (superlative) choosing based on YOU personally because you obviously KICK ASS for reading this far down on my (irellevant) Bandcamp page LET ALONE for knowing a single shred of anything about 'DOBEY GILLIS,' for which you will be receiving a gift from ME personally by contacting me directly, expressing said 'Dobey Gillis' knowledge to my person., directly & expressly. Right?



all rights reserved


Dillon (US) Atlanta

Dillon currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia in America. He makes food & music & thinks he is a lot funnier than people actually think he is. He had long hair once. Dillon is an actor but very small-time so fuck you. He is left handed. Scratch that, he only writes with his left hand. In college, as a teppanyaki chef, he cooked salmon & scallops for Chuck D. ... more

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